We can help you doing business
OEM, GIFTS OR PROMO? Anyway, we can show you our ideas and products  - that will marvel your customer! For OEM business, gifts and promotion!   SMART PRODUCTS  Looking for smart new product that is not all over yet? - Exclusive products to show and attract your customers Smart products will marvel and impress!
Scandinavian agent, wholesales & distribusjon.  We do have the longest experience within computer & multimedia accessories market.
CREATIVE GIFTS Concepts can actually suit everyone, big and small. We offer free project planning for your needs.     We customize and price your products PERSONALISATION - We’ll adapt and get your company logo’s on the product or/and boxing.   We adapt it to match with your intensions. DIRECT CONNECTIONS/DELIVERY  No matter where, we organize the goods to be sent directly to you or your customer.
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